Pointless Short Film Review: "The Spin Cycle"

Occasionally someone will toss a DVD or a few CDs onto the counter of the lobby where I work. These are usually rejected demos where some wanna-be producer hopes to get noticed and hop on the train to success. However, most of the time I pick them up, which means they go nowhere.

In this way, I like to think of myself as the grim reaper of Hollywood: a street sweeper on the boulevard of broken dreams.

The other day I picked up one such hopeful calling card. It was a DVD called "The Spin Cycle" and while I had nothing to do this weekend afternoon, I decided to pop it in and watch it.

"The Spin Cycle" is a nine minute short film about a woman who runs a Laundromat and has a fetish for guys in wheelchairs. At least, so says IMDB.

OK, on the technical side of things and from a film school aesthetic, the film was nicely shot. The drab hue from the fluorescent lights painted the scene nicely with a pallor of typical lower-income, middle-of-nowhere pathetic. This is due - I'm sure - in no small part to cinematographer Jim Eastburn's growing skill lensing several projects most people will probably never see.

However, the editing was strange. Not strange in an artsy/ trendy "Oh look, the filmmaker is being avant garde" kind of way. It was more like a "what the hell was the point of THAT?" strange.

After reading the script, (which the filmmakers were kind enough to have available on their website,) I honestly don't know who to blame here. Writer Jamie Preyer clearly was attempting to be funny with the short story, but what's in the script and what's on the screen seemed like two different things. It's one thing to go off script, but it's entirely another to dispose of all the elements that tell the story and swing the mood of the piece from amusing to pathetic. What you are left with is a head-scratching, well-lit, mess that makes no sense.

I was hoping that in this day and age, the filmmakers would have put the film up on YouTube, however such is not the case. Instead, when doing a search for the film, I came across this OTHER short film with the same name, shot by someone else that is far more entertaining anyway.

In the end, I am left wondering why in the hell I bothered to even write up a review on this, since I am confident that no one is going to see the short film.

And thus, my street sweeping continues.

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