Palin's Appearance Boosts SNL's Ratings

Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend gave SNL the best ratings it's seen in 14 years.

According to Neilsen, NBC scored a 10.7 rating/24 share for the time period, which is a 161% improvement over the show's October average from a year ago (4.1/10).

However, just because a lot of people tuned in to see what Palin would do, doesn't mean that the show was any good. Sketches like "the marriage proposal in a Chinese restaurant" or the "Macgruder" vignettes couldn't rescue the moldy late-night program from the basement of hardcore mediocrity.

Seriously, a MacGyver reference? That show went off the air 16 years ago. I'll bet half the audience barely knew what that sketch was even satirizing. Way to be current, writers!

So just what did Palin do? Nothing really. She was in the opening sketch and got to say the opening line, then she was in the Weekend Update portion, where the writers cleverly set it up so that all she really needed to do was groove to the somewhat amusing gangsta rap routine that a very pregnant Amy Poehler pulled off with expert precision.

Basically, America tuned in to see that Palin can keep a beat and pretend to like rap music.

Here's hoping that this GOP puppet's 15 minutes in the limelight are drawing to a close. In 16 days she will returning to her frozen tundra and slipping back into the warm fold of obscurity while the grown ups get to the business of trying to shovel us out of this mountain of shit that the previous administration has left us with.

Sorry, did that seem a bit partisan?

Here's a clip from the show Saturday night:

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson, NBC

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