New Stars Series "Crash" Disappoints

Back in January we reported that the Starz cable network was working with Producer Paul Haggis and actor Don Cheadle on a 13 episode series based on the unfortunate Oscar-winning film "Crash."

Hercules from Aint It Cool News has seen the pilot for the new series. The verdict: exactly what we expected:

As terrible as the 2004 movie was, the pilot is worse, maxed out with extra-obnoxious, cartoonish, low-end TV-grade characters, wince-inducing dialogue, plotting that runs the gamut from amateurish to idiotic, bad acting, sloppy direction and appalling, groan-worthy stabs at comedy. Cars crash, surgeries are performed, sex is indulged, drugs are ingested, but it’s virtually impossible to care about any of the people depicted – surprising in light of the sheer number of players the project introduces.

Guess I dont have to worry about programming my DVR for this one.

If you're interested in forming your own opinion of the series, Starz has the first two episodes online for your viewing (or wretching) pleasure.

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