How DARE Newsweek Not Photoshop Palin!

Newsweek recently ran a cover with a close-up picture of Sarah Palin. At that close, you can see every imperfection in her normal, "everyperson" complexion.

So what?

Well "political strategist" Andrea Tantaros has issues with the fact that they DIDNT photoshop Palin's picture to make her look more appealing:
This cover displays how insular and divorced from reality big city, liberal media types are, and the power and populism of Palin. The only argument the left can muster is essentially "she's not one of us." Damn right she's not. Liberals, if you want to have this culture fight I say bring it on.

Really? a magazine's decision to not use photo manipulation software to hide and alter features that distinctly identify someone as human makes them "divorced from reality?" Especially when the pundits for the GOP sell Palin off to the American public as this folksy, hard working, hockey mom, every woman type? Thats an interesting opinion. I wonder why Tantaros would defend Palin so much and grill Newsweek so hard.

Oh, that's right, she is a "political strategist." Which really means that she's a propagandist for the Grand Old Party. Tantaros earns her keep by toeing the Republican party line as much as possible and going on so-called "fair and balanced" news networks to tell us how bad Barak Obama is for the country.

She doesn't like the fact that Palin has pores? Heavens no! God forbid the magazine NOT re-touch her to have the skin of an baby's ass and a little halo above her head.

Which, of course is one more talking point from the Fair and Balanced network. Here's Andrea on FOX complaining about it.

By the way, ever notice how FOX News uses the "some say..." line a lot when they are talking about issues they have been told not to like? Who are these people that they are referring to? Answer: no one. It's a clever little tactic FOX uses to make viewers thing that people are talking about something, when in reality the only people forming the opinions are the news channel itself:

Bottom line: Hey Tantaros, don't like the way your party's choice for VP looks? Too bad. You were the ones that saddled her up, now go make her do tricks in the global political arena.


Jennifer said...

I'm sure they were so concerned with the lack of airbrushing because the only thing that Sarah Palin has going for her are her looks.

The Judge said...

And that aint much, really.

I dont need a hottie in the white house. I need someone that knows how to lead a country.

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