Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

The damn dog won the box office again.

Seriously, people. It's a freaking Disney movie about a talking dog. Have we drained the entertainment gas tank so low that a talking dog is the BEST we can do to amuse our pathetic lives on this big spinning ball of water and mud?

Meanwhile, three other films no one seemed to care about opened this weekend and didnt do as well as the talking dog. The one film that I had thought might be a strong opener, barely made the top ten.

Keira Knightley's latest overly-costumed period piece, Oscar whore, "The Duchess" opened in wide release this weekend and made it to the 9th spot. Stay tuned for Knightly's next film, which will be yet another period piece set in some depressing era that no one presently alive remembers.

Its a sad, sad weekend at the box office, kids. But despite the depressing miasma present at the box office right now, the numbers indicate that we beat last year's numbers by 6%. Yippie.

Here's the top ten:

1 (1) Beverly Hills Chihuahua $17,511,000
2 (new) Quarantine $14,200,000
3 (new) Body of Lies $13,120,000
4 (2) Eagle Eye $11,015,000
5 (3) Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist $6,500,000
6 (new) The Express $4,731,480
7 (4) Nights in Rodanthe $4,610,000
8 (5) Appaloosa $3,340,000
9 (20) The Duchess $3,322,000
10 (new) City of Ember $3,200,000

1 comment:

Brian Fitzpatrick said...

Unbelievable. Damn Chiuahua. Scary part is this pretty much insures that a sequel is coming. Ugh.

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