"Hanoi Hilton" DVD on Hold Till After Election

11 years ago, Writer/Director Lionel Chetwynd produced "The Hanoi Hilton" - a fictional telling of the torture and suffering American Prisoners of War received while being held in the Hoa Lo Prison in Vietnam.

In May of this year, Chetwynd interviewed senator John McCain about his experiences while being held there as well. Chetwynd had hoped that he could include the interview as part of the bonus footage for the first DVD edition of the film.

However, Chetwynd was told by Warner Brothers that he couldn't release the DVD until after the election:

...he received a letter recently from a Warner's publicist in response to a request he made to screen the video for friends and associates. Not only was he informed that there was no publicity budget for the re-release, but he was told in no uncertain words that showing either the film or the McCain footage was "prohibited."
Prohibited? That's a new one. According to Ben Smith's blog, the reason is that Warner Home Video didnt want to influence the election.

Read more at Ben's blog.


J_Jammer said...

Influence it how?

Curiosity of what was said on this video makes me want it just for that....ha.

The Judge said...

According to the original article, McCain didnt say anything groundbreaking or anything that hasnt already been said by other POWs from the prison.

I think its WB's subtle way to make sure the people are not influenced by McCain's past as a POW. Just because you were a POW doesnt make you a good choice for president.

Of course, thats just my opinion.

heavensent2u said...

No kidding. Just what did he say? Would it tear down all the "progress" that we have made with Vietnam post war?

Or would vets feel have anger refreshed over the "peace" movement that pretty much screwed them?
Please, don't get me started. My dad could have died in that war.

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