Gran Torino Trailer Released

Even after we got confirmation from Clint Eastwood's "people" that "Gran Torino" was not about the return of Dirty Harry, I held onto the notion that the whole thing was a big marketing trick and that once the trailer came out, we'd get to see Harry's ugly kisser cruising down the streets of San Francisco.

Sadly, now that the trailer is out, its clear that my dream of seeing Eastwood re-live the hand cannon-toting Mr. Calahan is not to be. However, the film that Eastwood did produce looks solid and includes a little of that gun-toting persona we all know, even if its a different character and Eastwood now looks like a growling Methuselah.

Here's the trailer for "Gran Torino":

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Anonymous said...

It's the feel good, get-off-of-my-lawn, old vet teaching a young ethnic man what it is to be American.




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