Famous Directors Create Promos for McCain - sort of

With only 12 more days left in this dog and pony show that feels like its been going on for eight years, here are three ads for the McCain campaign, done in the style of John Woo, Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson:

Judge's Decision:

John Woo - they got the artsy, slow-motion shot of the guy firing two guns and diving sideways through the air, but where's the artsy, slow-motion shot of a dove in flight? And the shot of the guy dumping the clip out of his gun needed a close up of the empty magazine bouncing off the ground. Grade: FAIL.

Kevin Smith - not enough deep, philosophical hyperbole and modern comic book references peppered with four letter words. Grade: Pass

Wes Anderson - disjointed, awkward scenes? Check. Random nonsensical background stuff that confuses the audience? Check. Grade: Winner


Anonymous said...

Odd that John Woo one. I know _exactly_ where the rooftop is. They're about a block or two away from my favorite Dim Sum place.


And yeah, you're right. That's not a very good John Woo.

Dave "iD"

The Judge said...

That's in Philly?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Not Philly. Philly doesn't have Dim Sum that good.

Dave "iD"

Dead C said...

I agree with your assessments of the ads. The Wes Anderson style clip was the best but that may have something to do with the fact that I like "Life on Mars"

You should hear the terrible Streisand cover of that song sometime, though

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