FactualTV a Potential Documentary Paradise

FactualTV is a website that is dedicated to information via documentaries. Normally I dislike titles that indicate character such as REAL NEWS. I don’t need to know that you intend on giving me something. I don’t need the attempt or the possibility I need it actually and therefore would rather it be named Blue TV and give me the facts and then I’ll decide to be like OMG this is real news.

Not the case with FactualTV. It’s not named that to lure people into a political pandering array of information. It’s named that way because of what it host and it hosts lots of documentaries that go from Art and Artist to Science and Technology to Food and Drink. There are different categories with a several or hundreds of documentaries.

These are the list of the categories and how many documentaries are under that theme. There are a lot of documentaries but it has to be stated that they can place them under couple of different themes so that some pop up more than once. Based on what I’ve seen it never links more than two themes to each documentary.

Arts & Artists – 66
Biographies – 10
Biology, Health & Sexual – 116
Crime & Law – 57
Comedy – 14
Culture – 42
Environmental – 9
Food & Drink – 149
History – 114
How to – 5
Interviews – 78
Leisure & Lifestyle – 284
Military & War – 30
Music & Performing Arts – 15
Nature & Wildlife – 116
Politics & Economics – 37
Popular Culture – 43
Religion & Philosophy – 9
Science & Technology – 53
Society – 42
Sports – 144
Space – 8
Travel & Adventure – 209

It may be starting off small but if it gets attention it can flourish into a new information spot on the web. It’ll be one that will be known for the high standard of documentary films. You know how rich people shop at the rich places that ask for a $150 for a shirt or jeans that have holes in them? It’s not about getting the best money can offer it’s about getting what other people won’t have and to get it at a place that they will be around like minded folks. The same can be said about FactualTV. They are going to have a high standard of what will be allowed on their site and not just allow anyone’s documentary. They have agreements with several production companies and that is why they can show films for free. Some do cost money to view, but for the most part viewing is free unless you want to download one and burn on a DVD to watch on the TV at a higher resolution, then you have to buy it.

You do have to sign up before you view films. It’s standard information that takes a couple of minutes to get through. But when you’re done you go and click on what it is you want to watch and it starts streaming. There’s no need to download any programs to view the videos. So when you’re done signing your first born away you can then watch videos at that point.

The benefit to this is if you are someone that likes to sit down and watch TV and flip to the History Channel or the Discovery Channel to watch something that is informative only to find out you’ve practically seen everything, you can come to FactualTV to see documentaries that you have not seen; hopefully. The down side, as of right now, is that there’s not a whole lot to pick from. There is a variety but some seem like they come from the same television show and that’s cool, but it makes it seem like they have a lot when they have a lot from the same pot. It’s like going to a buffet and seeing a whole array of food but get closer and notice that it’s similar. Also the videos have issue with streaming as in it stops for unknown reasons and doesn’t continue. Glitches that I’m sure they’ll iron out eventually.

With that said I have looked around and found a couple of interesting documentaries that I watched bits of and the streaming is nice when it works. The resolution is good. The volume quality is good. They have a couple of things they could work out such as having it stream without hiccuping and some videos it’s difficult to go forward and rewind. But over all it’s a pleasant experience. I’m going to be using the site infrequently and I think that they have the potential to be mainstream. Now go on and watch some FactualTV. It’s a couple of clicks and several minutes of stream and you’ll get information that’ll keep your wits keen.

Yes I rhymed that just for you.

Because I cannot go over every single minuet detail here is the FAQ link that can answer any dire questions people have about the website: You know that FAQ link.

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