Book Reviews: Cuz...why the hell not?

Here are reviews of a couple of books that are too narrowly distributed for you to ever find.

The Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television: A Review

This book is a well-researched, engaging and thorough examination of, not surprisingly, The Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television. If one were to be doing research on this topic, this book would be a must-have. If you grew up in or near Chicago in the late 1940s to the late 1970s, you would probably appreciate this book. (and, you took way too long to grow up…that’s like, thirty years.) If you have a sexual attraction to puppets, this would be a welcome addition to that little “collection” of yours that you keep behind the encyclopedias (you know what we’re talking about).
The trouble with the book is that if you don’t fit into any of the categories, this book is fundamentally useless. To publish a book this long and this specific in topic is to condemn its circulation to the immediate family of the authors, and the gullible blog site editors (lookin’ at you, Judge) who will do anything for free stuff (or, more accurately, make his underpaid writing staff do anything…).
On the plus side, my kitchen table no longer wobbles thanks to this tome.

Chicago TV Horror Movie Shows: A Review

My first reaction to this book was “Damn, I bet it would hold my OTHER kitchen table steady!” followed closely by “Damn, are there really enough of these shows to justify an entire BOOK?” The answers: a. sure would. b. apparently.

It turns out, a large chunk of this book is dedicated to really short review/summaries of old horror and sci-fi movies. The rest is a history of the hosting shows regionally popular in the Chicago Area. This book has apparently been optioned as a film to be directed by Roger Corbin, thus completing the zen circularity of the whole thing.

In summary, it is (or should be) a FEDERAL CRIME to write a book about TV Horror and Sci Fi movies in the Midwest without mentioning Joel Hodgson’s Mystery Science Theater 3000, which originated on Cable access in Minnesota. (which, I understand, is like, totally right next to Chicago.)

I find this book guilty. It gets a life sentence of hard labor…holding my other kitchen table steady. (I have seriously lumpy kitchen floors.)

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