Are People REALLY Offended by the Word "Porno?"

Is big brother (or someone) helping to purify our little brains from harm by purging the word "porno" from our vernacular?

That's apparently the story for some newspaper, TV and outdoor (I.E. billboard) companies who have taken offense to the dreaded "P-Word" included in advertising for Kevin Smith's upcoming comedy "Zack and Miri Make a Porno."
Of course, Los Angeles doesnt have a problem with it and the billboards are popping up everywhere.

First, the Motion Picture Association of America took offense to the film's original movie poster because it was apparently a little to risque to show the top of someone's head in the vicinity of someone else's fully clothed groin area. The MPAA called the poster "highly sexually suggestive and not suitable for general audiences." So the Winestein co. changed it to a drawing of a couple of stick figures that vaguely resemble the stars of the film, Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks.

And now even that innoculous poster is getting heat from people who say that because they are stick figures, it is targeted at children.

Kevin Smith must be loving the free publicity he is getting over this. I wonder what other not-naughty words will be banished by the thought police. Is "boobies" next? What about "Va Jay Jay" or "doodie?"

Anything to prevent parents from having to explain anything to their children. I mean, that's what television is for, right?

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Dj RyB said...

I actually put up a post about this today too! This is so ridiculous. People need to relax and lighten up!!!

The Judge said...

I totally agree. With all the things that are wrong in this world and all the things that are worth worrying about, why on earth would you spend time bitching about something so harmless as a word? A word that in itself is just an abbreviation of the real word anyway.

Its just nutty.

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