Weekend Box Office Recap

Looking at the data from the disc I found on the locker room floor, its clear that "Burn After Reading" was the number one movie at the box office this weekend, however it didn't do nearly as well as I had originally predicted. The Cohen brother's flick grossed $19.4 million, which is the biggest debut for the brothers and the largest opening in distributor Focus Features history, which is good to see, since they have been struggling financially for years since their previous high point with Brokeback Mountain in 2005.

Also as I predicted, the biggest loser of the weekend was last weekend's winner. "Bangkok Dangerous" dropped 69% from its opening bow to finish in 8th place, bringing in $2.4 million. Its now on track to become Nicholas Cage's worst-performing action movie ever.

Meanwhile, "The Dark Knight" continues to stand strong in the top ten. Domestically the film grossed an estimated $4 million in its ninth weekend and raised its global box office tally to a staggering $966 million. It's now firmly seated in the top five all-time worldwide blockbusters.

Here are the current estimated numbers for the weekend.

1 (new) Burn After Reading $19,403,679
2 (new) The Family That Preys $18,020,000
3 (new) Righteous Kill $16,500,000
4 (new) The Women $10,088,406
5 (4) The House Bunny $4,300,000
6 (2) Tropic Thunder $4,180,000
7 (3) The Dark Knight $4,015,000
8 (1) Bangkok Dangerous $2,400,000
9 (5) Traitor $2,132,000
10 (7) Death Race $2,017,035

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