Weekend Box Office Recap

Nick Cage's latest flick "Bangkok Dangerous" just barely made it to the top of the charts this weekend, beating "Tropic Thunder" by about $300,000.

And surprisingly, "Disaster Movie" didn't fall out of the top ten completely like it should have. Still hovering at 0% fresh according to Rotten Tomatoes, and despite being clearly the worst film this year, (if not this decade) this festering pustule of a movie managed to steal $3.3 million from the ignorant saps who actually paid to see it. This leaves me seriously questioning my faith in humanity.

Here's the top ten for the weekend:

1 (new) Bangkok Dangerous $7,800,000
2 (1) Tropic Thunder $7,500,000
3 (4) The House Bunny $5,900,000
4 (3) The Dark Knight $5,715,000
5 (5) Traitor $4,660,000
6 (2) Babylon A.D. $4,000,000
7 (6) Death Race $3,594,540
8 (7) Disaster Movie $3,300,000
9 (8) Mamma Mia! $2,713,200
10 (9) The Pineapple Express $2,400,000

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Brian Fitzpatrick said...

I'm not shocked about Bangkok Dangerous (keep wanting to say Bangkok Serious, like Yahoo Serious, but anyway...)... It wasn't very good. Action was ok, but the love story was out of whack.

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