Weekend Box Office Recap

If you decided to ignore my warnings and went to the theater this weekend expecting to be entertained, I am truly sorry, but I told you so. The only reason to go to the movie theater right now is to soak in some air conditioning. That's about it. This was yet-another weekend proving that Hollywood already fired off anything good in the beginning of summer and the stuff out now is truly the dregs of cinema.

Thanks to the films that were released this weekend, some films that were slipping in the top ten ranks have had a boost up in the numbers. For example, last week, "The Dark Knight" was in fourth place. But thanks to "Disaster Movie" stinking up the big screen so strongly and opening in seventh place, the Batman flick crept back up to third.

About "Disaster Movie" - I have yet to find a single good review about this film. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at zero. That's right - absolute zero. The film by creators Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, known for their other equally terrible celebrity spoof flicks, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, Scary Movie, and Date Movie apparently dont really care if the film is good or bad. They crank out a screenplay and get the film shot as fast and as cheap as possible because their
"jokes" (if you can call them that) have a very short lifespan. In fact, according to IMDB, many of the films spoofed in this movie werent even released when the screenplay was written.

My favorite quote comes from Todd Gilchrist from IGN Movies:

Disaster Movie is yet another bottom-feeding cash-grab that exploits current events, ridicules pop culture icons and compromises the integrity of the zeitgeist itself in order to create, oh, one-quarter to one-half of a funny joke within the shortest possible time frame that qualifies as a theatrical release.
That sums it up.

Here's the top ten for the official end of the Summer season.

1 (1) Tropic Thunder $11,500,000
2 (new) Babylon A.D. $9,700,000
3 (4) The Dark Knight $8,750,000
4 (2) The House Bunny $8,300,000
5 (new) Traitor $7,900,000
6 (3) Death Race $6,228,335
7 (new) Disaster Movie $6,170,000
8 (8) Mamma Mia! $4,418,160
9 (6) The Pineapple Express $3,500,000
10 (11) Vicky Cristina Barcelona $3,003,000

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

Legs, legs, legs....If I may point out something to you...the only two movies still in the Top 10 that haven't left the Top 10 since they were released on July 18th are The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!

The new dynamic duo, super troupers: Batman and ABBA!


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