Six Degrees of Summer Films: The Bacon Connection

A cursory review of the hits of this summer reveal a startling lack of Kevin Bacon. Lest we forget the icon that is "The Baconator" (TM), I have compiled a summary of how "Mr. Kyra Sedgewick" relates to the films of the summer, and where we can remember our "Footloose" hero again.

Hancock: Star Will "Fresh Prince" Smith also starred in 2004's I, Robot. Playing Dr. Susan Calvin in that film was Bridget "Not big enough for a nickname" Moynahan. Ms. Moynahan continued her acting PhD as Dr. Caroline Muller/Ryan in 2002's Sum of All Fears. Playing the President in that film was James "spooky old guy" Cromwell, who, as we all know, played the scary father of Jack "Damn it" Bauer in TV's 24. Keifer "I'll drive when I damn-well want to" Sutherland Appeared in 1992's A few Good Men with the incomparably well-connected Kevin Bacon.

Narnia - Prince Caspian: A hard one, you suggest? Unfairly riddled with unknowns you cry? Fear not, Bacon biters, I have your fix right here. The Director of this film,Andrew "Only guy I've heard of" Adamson, was the executive producer of Shrek the Third which featured the vocal sytlings of Camron "I am not a cougar" Diaz. She also starred with Tom "Xeno Lives" Cruise in 2001's Vanilla Sky. Cruise, as you know, hammed up A Few Good Men with the Kevster.

Kung-Fu Panda - The breathtaking Angelina "I'll take her to go, please" Jolie voices the Tigress (appropriately) in this animated hit. Her boy-toy Brad "Holy Shit, I'm with Angelina Jolie" Pitt previously swapped bodily fluids with Jennifer "old, but still quite yummy" Aniston of Friends. Aniston shared top billing with our favorite breakfast meat in 1997's Picture Perfect.


Speed Racer/Get Smart: Another tough one? In the hands of a lesser Kevin Bacon fan, perhaps, but follow along, if you please, and i'll give you a 2-for-one special: John "I ate a whole mess of babies" Goodman voiced Poppa Racer in this film: he also appeared as Congressman Long in Evan Almighty with Steve "inexplicably funny" Carrell, who of course starred in this summer's Get Smart. Back to Goodman, he starred in the long-running annoyance "Rosanne" with Laurie "I was the talented one" Metcalfe. Ms. Metcalf played
a lawyer in Oliver Stone's speculation-fest, JFK. Also appearing as a male prostitute in that film was the ubiquitous Kevin "what does ubiquitous mean?" Bacon.

Tropic Thunder: See Kung-Fu Panda...Jack Black is in both. Or, if you prefer, connect Ben "zipper-man" Stiller with Jennifer Aniston (Along came Polly) or, ...well, I think you get it.

Jack Black Rests Between Takes on the Set of Tropic Thunder

The Dark Knight: You didn't think that the top-grossing movie of this or any other planet could escape the baconny stink of...well...Bacon, I guess...did you? Check it out: We'll go with obscure, here: Maggie "not cute enough for Batman" Gyllenhal shared the screen (sort of) with Lisa "Pheebs" Kudrow in the 2005 indie, Happy Endings. Ms. Kudrow spent ten years of her life sharing the set with the aforementioned Jennifer "smokes like a chimney" Aniston, who, as we have pointed out, was in Picture Perfect with Kevin"still workin' " Bacon.

Nice to see Kevin Bacon is staying busy...or at least, less than six degrees from busy.

"Why So Ugly?"

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