Sequel News: Disney and Depp return to the Caribbean. Again.

More sequel news announced: We apparently haven't seen the last of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney has announced plans for a fourth film in the highly lucrative "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, with Johnny Depp agreeing to reprise his role as the swaggering pirate.

The three pirate films have made a combined total of $2.6 billion for Disney, so they figured that they could probably make a few more bucks suckering folks into the theater one more time. It seems that Depp, who used to pride himself for carefully selecting his acting jobs, has again bent over in grateful appreciation of the big mouse giving him an injection of more money.

The announcement was made yesterday at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood for industry big-wigs and media lapdogs. In addition to the Pirates sequel, Walt Disney Pictures chairman Dick Cook announced the slate of films that Mouse-schwitz will be cranking out in the next few years, including 5 live action and animated flicks that will be presented in 3D, and 16 more scheduled in the near future.

"I heard that Jeffrey [Katzenberg, Dreamworks head] may finally release his first 3-D movie next year," Cook joked.

ha. ha. Oh that Dick. What a funny guy.

The next Caribbean film will follow Captain Jack Sparrow as hell, what does it matter? It will be more of Depp doing his thing, staggering around and talking like Keith Richards.

Its not known if Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley will again be in the film, but knowing how much Keira can't seem to resist wearing a corset or period clothing, there's probably a distinct possibility.

As always, stay tuned.


Rogue said...

This is a great news! I consider Depp as one of the very few real actors left after the generation of de niro and then pacino...

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cchiovitti said...

I really enjoyed all 3 of the films. It will be interesting to see what plot devices they'll need to employ for a 4th.

Anto Paul said...

Can't wait to see Jack Sparrow...
oops.. Captain Jack Sparrow back in action...

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