Saturday Morning WTF: Furries

They're called Furries. People that like dressing up in fur suits and walking around with other people who like to dress up in fur suits.

OK, far be it for me to say anything disparaging about someone's particular fetish. We're all going to hell for something someone considers abnormal, right? Lord knows some people may disagree with my particular interest in...well other things, but these, I just don't get it. I mean, yeah, there was a time when I got to dress up as a very famous costume character at a major amusement park and entertain thousands of kids for a couple of hours. I found the experience to be sweaty, smelly and really heartwarming in a totally non-offensive way.

But these guys are not doing this for the amusement of kids. There is a whole sub-culture of people that dont just enjoy dressing up in a fur suit...they get off on it. Literally.

This may be completely innocent and just a way for people to express their creativity and all that, but I can't get past the thought that there is someone somewhere out there that is right now feverishly working to make sure that their expensive silicone dildo - which has been carefully molded into the exact shape of a horse penis - is firmly attached to their costume so as to allow vigorous activity with said appendage and another person who may or may not be in a similar costume.

Call me strange, but I dont see this as erotic. I see it as hilarious.

By the way, I want a recording of that song. I just want to put it on repeat and annoy my co-workers.


Dead C said...

Hopefully you know that I stop by and check out your site semi-regularly and am not just here to spam you. My site is and I have a friend in Atlanta who writes for me sometimes. The first "assignment" that I sent him on was to cover a "Furries VS Klingons" bowling tournament if you're interested in reading about how that went down. It also explains a little more about these cats and their obsessions/hobbies
Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

OMG! Great video, haha!

I think the CSI TV show with the murdered furry got it a lot more popular. I have a friend who is into it. What she is, where she goes, she keeps strictly confidential. But she goes to the parties, the conventions, all of it.

My wife says I'm so hairy I don't need a costume, arrgh. But if she loves me, maybe she has this fetish too? :)

The Judge said...

Even before CSI did a thing on furries, there was a mention of them on "E.R." same creepy freak factor, though.

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