"Rain of Madness" now on iTunes

One of my favorite documentaries has been "Hearts of Darkness" a film about the budget overruns, logistical nightmares and downright acts of god that plagued the filming of "Apocalypse Now." The doc is a gritty, nothing off-limits look at just how much Francis Ford Coppola invested into willing his film into existence, as he walked along the razor's edge of sanity.

This, on the other hand, has nothing to do with that.

However, as an homage to that documentary, now there is a "documentary" about the making of "Tropic Thunder."

It's honestly pretty funny. I imagine that it will be included in the DVD when it's released, but you can get free on iTunes right now.

For more information, visit the Rain of Madness website.

The horror....the horror...

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