Opening This Weekend

There's only one film coming out in wide release today and frankly, it looks like further evidence that the Summer movie season is over and now the studios are unloading all the stuff they know is going to suck.

Bangkok Dangerous (R)

A remake of the 1999 film of the same name, this new version stars Nicholas Cage and nobody else you've ever heard of. The story centers around a contract killer who travels to Thailand to carry out some jobs. During the course of his missions, the he falls in love with a pretty local girl while also forming a friendly bond with his young errand boy.

"On my path of film acting, I've been trying to think more and more internationally, trying to have a global mind," Cage said. "That means going to foreign countries and working with filmmakers who have a special point of view that will reinvent me in an alternative light."

And this alternative light is apparently the "assassin with a heart of gold" routine. Throw in a bad toupee and a cast of nobodies (at least no one known to American audiences) and you have the makings for what appears to be the nadir of the Summer movie season.

The film is not without its moments and I am sure that the action is going to appeal to a lot of people desperately hoping for something new in the theater (especially considering what kind of crap is currently playing)

My guess is that this film will be popular this weekend only because its new and because everything else already out really stinks. Think of this film as the leper with the most fingers. At least for this weekend. Next week its a whole new ball game.

Here's the trailer:

And in honor of Mr. Cage's return to the big screen, Defamer has put together the 10 Most Bizarre Nicholas Cage Moments to Ever Hit the Screen and I have to say that they really picked some weird ones.


Brian Fitzpatrick said...

Wow, what a disappointment. The action scenes are ok, but the rest of the movie is dull and slow. Check out my review here.

Holly said...

You have a very entertaining site and will deffinately return.

The Judge said...

Always love hearing that. Thanks for the compliment.

And tell your friends!

TrinaB said...

Though I loved Face Off (more for the cinematography and action than the action), I'm not buying Nicholas Cage doesn't do it for me as an action hero. He does have the trademark wooden delivery though and to be fair I didn't see all of the first National Treasure or any of the second one.

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