McCain and Palin: lies documented

We don't normally do stuff about politics here at the Morgue, but this one seemed appropriate since its mostly about the media.

CNN had a close look at what McCain and Palin are saying about themselves and their opponents. The verdict: Most of what comes out of their mouths are lies:

But it doesn't seem to matter that they are lying. The comment made by one of the interviewees at the end sums it up:

...if the unfairnesses or mis-characterizations are subtle enough, then the campaign will probably succeed.

Due in no small part to the message being driven home by the million dollar advertising campaigns, and the talking heads at so-called "fair and balanced" news agencies to help spread those lies around even further.

In his article about the issue, Richard Prince points out that this is starting to become a much bigger issue for the media:

The McCain campaign assault calls into question the role of the news media as impartial arbiter of truth independent of campaign agendas.

Its all about advertising and marketing, kids. This presidential race has very little to do with the actual issues. All most Americans know is what their newscasters and commercials tell them. Its truly sad that America seems to be so ignorant that they dont question the real issues and are instead lulled into voting based on a soundbyte.


Relax Max said...

The title of your post drew me in. Lies Documented!

Didn't see any lies documented.

Will that be in another post?

Relax Max said...

Well, that sounded kind of mean. I'm sorry.

What I was trying to get across was that the movie you posted came to the conclusion that both candidates are not telling the complete truth in order to make themselves look good and their opponents look bad. And the message I got out of the CNN movie was that BOTH campaigns would do well to settle down and stop telling only half the truth.

I didn't get from the movie you posted that it was only McCain - Palin who were doing the lie telling. And my point is you yourself are hardly being "fair and balanced" by pretending that was what the movie said: the movie also gave examples of the Obama folks telling things out of context as well. And I am suggesting that the title of your post is not only misleading, it is also a good example of "unfairness and mischaracterization."

Since I am in favor of neither, but would probably vote for Obama if I were forced to vote, I should not even bring this up: I should simply thank you for shilling for Obama. But, c'mon! - your mischaracterization of the movie is just too blatant, dude. Or dudette.

The rest of the stuff I have been reading on your blog is so cool, though, that I hope you don't get mad at me for saying what I did here.

The Judge said...

No problem at all! You made a very good point.

The purpose of my article was more to point out that the issue seems to be more about what they say and less about the real issues. I dont care if Obama does not wear a flag pin. I dont care if McCain is too old. What I care about is how the candidates feel about the various issues. I want to know how well they are going to lead.

However, since the YouTube clip pointed out some of the key things that the McCain campaign has said that is misleading, I went with that as the headline.

Thanks for pointing out my bias, though. I will try to be a little more partial and offend both sides equally.

And thanks for being a follower of the site!

Relax Max said...

Heh. Yeah. Offend everybody equally. That's what I try to do too!

And, yes, I have been following you for quite a while, not just dropping. Reading too. Guess it was high time I opened my mouth so you would know. :)

Take care.

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