Journalism Instructor Bans Student from Blogging About Class

PBS's MediaShift blog (article? Column? Website? Whatever) had an interesting article about an NYU journalism student who wrote an article criticising her “Reporting Gen Y” class instructor for not being current with modern forms of social media.

The instructor, not being a fan of being the object of a student's ciriticism, especially in an electronic medium not under her direct control, then proceeded to forbid her from blogging or twittering about the class in the future:

She told the class to read the article,” Taylor said. “Then she asked, ‘You all read Alana’s article, what did you think about it?’ There was silence for a good 30 or 45 seconds, and it was awkward and weird. And she said, ‘OK, we can all agree that there will be no more blogging or Twittering about the class.’ It was weird. It seemed like the students were scared to say anything.”

You can almost taste the irony, can't ya?

Read the whole story here.

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