In the works: Leathal Weapon FIVE??

You've heard the expression "beating a dead horse?" Well, here's the story of someone digging up a dead horse ten years later and giving it a few more whacks just to make sure it's still dead.

Paul at The Hollywood News is stating that the writer from the original Lethal Weapon series, Shane Black is working on a spec script for a fifth sequel to the long-defunct and thankfully put to rest franchise:

Black, who turned director with the black comedy [ed: "black comedy" hehe] KISS KISS BANG BANG, is hoping to take hold of directing duties on a fifth movie with Danny Glover back as Murtaugh and Mel Gibson as Riggs. Both have expressed interest in making a new LETHAL WEAPON movie.

According to THN, the story is what you'd expect: A retiring Riggs teams up with retired Murtaugh for help on one last case, while introducing us to two new cops that will most-likely take over and continue the franchise should the film show any signs of actual success at the box office.

Seriously? Aren't we ALL getting too old for this shit?

And Black thinks that he can replace director Richard Donner and do everything himself?

A spec script means that no studio has paid Black to actually write the script and no one has actively expressed any interest in the concept yet. With a little luck, this may just become a dusty relic of someone's former writing career.

But if by some miracle a studio is desperate enough to actually pick this up and run with it, I smell what could be the worst comeback in movie history.

Stay tuned.

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