I Am Prequel

A prequel for "I Am Legend" has just been greenlit by the powers that be over at Warner Brothers.

According to Variety, Will Smith will reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville and the film will follow the final days of New York before a man-made virus turns everyone into rabid, superhuman zombie mutant creatures.

The script is being written by someone named D.B. Weiss, who as far as we can tell is one of WB's new hopeful screenwriters (he's only got one credit for him listed in IMDB and its for a film still being produced.) Smith's partner James Lassiter will also co-produce the film.

For reasons that would be apparent to anyone that has seen the movie, a prequel is the only way they could "extend the franchise" or, as I like to put it "Squeeze more money from the teat of the golden cow of cinema." Especially since the film made almost $600 million worldwide.

No information has been given on director or tentative release date yet, but when we find out, we'll post it here.

As always, stay tuned.


Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

I am meh.

Corronchilejano said...

... why? It really doesn't matter. Hell, they put the phreakin' wrong ending on the shiat!

Anonymous said...

they changed then ending, from that of the book because the test audience didn't like the 'monsters' not being the bad guys. Blame the public.

Brian Fitzpatrick said...

The movie was stronger with the alternative ending and I would worry that this movie wouldn't really give us anything new. We saw shots of the day before everything went to hell, and that was good enough. What else is there?

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