Hero of the Week: Michael Douglas

While speaking at the United Nations and appealing with the United States and other countries to come up with some kind of nuclear test ban, actor Michael Douglas had to field questions about what he thought about the financial crisis that the US is currently facing.

He was asked if he thought that nuclear Armageddon was similar to financial Armageddon that appears we are on the brink of.

See, in 1987, Douglas played the character Gordon Gekko in the Oliver Stone film "Wall Street." And I guess the reporters thought it might be kinda funny to ask the actor a question about our financial quagmire.

And it gets worse.

A reporter then asked him, "Are you saying, Gordon that greed is not good?"

Douglas then replied, "I'm not saying that. And my name is not Gordon. He's a character I played 20 years ago."

Thank Michael Douglas. You are the hero of the week.

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