"Hamlet 2" Means to Offend and of course Mend

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.
Release Date: August 22nd, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for language including sexual references, brief nudity and some drug content.
Distributors: Focus Features

Directed by: Andrew Fleming

JJ Rating: B

A theater teacher, Dan Marshcz (Steven Coogan), has two students who are always in his plays. He always does movie type plays by converting movies to plays. How thrilling, right? That is until a very young critic gives his harsh opinion and suggests Dan to write his own play. So he does, and it's offensive and meaningful. Hamlet 2.

If you are easily offended this film is so not for you. It will offend you with the first couple of minutes, most likely. I could be offended but I knew what I was getting myself into so I knew what to expect.

Shocking goodness comes from Elisabeth Shue and David Arquette. They both look really great. Dewy David is no longer, because he looks so much better. So whatever he did it worked. He doesn't really have a lot of lines but he does have a presence and it's amusing because he gets to work the facial expressions. Shue gets to be herself, in a way, and it's negative and riveting. Steven Coogan is just a mess in a good way. He has a quirkiness to him that made the movie work. Catherine Keener is Brie husband to Dana and she's a dark force of negative that is determined to destroy everything with her biting wit. Amy Poehler has a small role, but it's very memorable because of her offensive lines.

Hamlet 2 is a quick watch that was entertaining from start to finish. There are a bit of lull time but there are times where it totally rocks. It's even for me and worth the ticket price. There are some songs in it because the play they do (same as the title of the film) is a musical. One is called "Dirty, Sexy Jesus" and that song is catchy. Sad to say, but it's so catchy. I was humming and singing it when I was leaving the theater, true story.

It was sort of weak with the start up of getting the play going. The film totally attacks any and everything and doesn't really leave much left to attack, aside from Retarded people and that was left to Tropic Thunder and they weren't even close to offensive with their use. The amazing thing is that even though it attacks it has a weird way of making it all make sense. If you're up to being entertained by offensive lines and abrasive characters, by all means sit down and watch this film. I did.

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Mystery Man said...

I loved it! There were a few people that were walking out as it went on, and I was sort of expecting to see some people picketing outside the theater...lol
Anyone that gets offended by this, just takes things to seriously! We need more movies like this!

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