Emmy winners and whatnot

Good LORD, I hate awards shows.

I only mildly tolerate the Oscars because I am usually interested in the what wins. While its perhaps interesting to see what the winners say and who they thank, I can't stand all that pseudo-witty category introduction chit-chat as stars stand on stage reading their teleprompters trying to look natural, the endless montages of whatever it is they want to show in a montage, dance numbers, honorary awards, and the ass-numbing duration that most of them come in at.

Which is why I made it a point to not watch the Emmys and instead got caught up watching the entire first season of "Mad Men" on DVD.

However, here is the key points that I've heard:

  • Jeremy Piven won again,
  • Tina Fey won again,
  • The Amazing Race won for reality-competition
  • HBO's "John Adams" won for best mini series
  • "Mad Men" won a bunch
  • "The Colbert Report" won one.

And a lot of other shows can now justify increasing their operating budgets by winning in categories that I couldn't possibly care any less about.

If you really want to see the list of winners, along with enough meta data to choke a horse, here's the official release from the academy. (PDF)

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