"TV-B-Gone's" New Disguise

It looks like there's a new version of the infamous TV-B-Gone, a tricky little universal remote designed to anonymously turn off a TV from a distance without being detected. The new design looks very much like your average iPhone.

You may recall that the tech site Gizmodo got in some hot water for a prank they pulled with the TV-B-Gone at the Consumer Electronics Show this past January. Pulling off the prank was one thing, but videotaping your skullduggery and then posting it to your website, bragging about the escapade is entirely another. As a result of the incident, Gizmodo has had their press priveledges revoked from future shows. However we're sure that this wont stop them from doing something equally stupid next January.

Now that there's a new version of the evil little device, which disguises its true intentions even further, Gizmodo is making it known that they are staying away from it as much as possible. At least publicly they are saying this. No doubt one of Gizmodo's fanboys will probably try to do something with this at CES next year.

Of course, the presenters at the show could always just put a spot of electrical tape over the infrared sensor on the TV and stop the pranksters in their tracks. Not really sure why they dont do that.

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