Today In Non News

Here's a quick scan of my newsreader this morning:

The Associated Press via Yahoo reports that pretentious fashion design firm Givenchy Couture has announced that it will be designing two outfits for Madonna for her upcoming "Sticky and Sweet" world tour. Doesnt your life feel just a little bit more fulfilled now that we've told you this?

Retards dont like "Tropic Thunder" - apparently, it has something to do with being called a retard. Who would've guessed? One mentally disabled person we questioned about this said, "Buuuuuuuttthhhlllps" and then pissed himself.

Ed McMahon continues to have financial problems as one of his creditors is now suing McMahon and his wife for $250,000.

Variety reports that the "Sword and Sandals" genre is making a comeback. Ever since "Gladiator" scored a hit with audiences and Oscar members, and "300" made comic book guys secretly lust for six pack abs and full beards, producers have been trying to milk some of that profit potential for themselves. Some of the films being developed right now include a sequel to "300," a remake of "Clash of the Titans" a film called "War of Gods" about the Greek warrior Theseus, two films about "The Argonauts" including one being written and produced by "Incredible Hulk" and "X-Men" writer Zack Penn, and no less than three films (that's right: THREE films) about Hercules.

Meanwhile, Disney is doing another horse racing movie, this time about triple crown winner "Secretariat"

And CBS is in remake nirvana right now, developing modern-day remakes of both "The Streets of San Francisco" and "Hawaii Five-O." Expect "book em, Dano" to be making a comeback as well.

That's it for now. More news later.

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