“Step Brothers” Step up on Semi-Pro

Genres: Comedy
Release Date: July 25th, 2008 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for crude and sexual content, and pervasive language.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Directed by: Adam McKay

JJ Rating: B+

Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) becomes a step brother to Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) because Brennan’s mom, Nancy (Mary Steenburgen), married Dale’s dad, Richard (Robert Doback). Step Brothers.

I was REALLY apprehensive about seeing this movie and that’s why I waited so long (being about 4 days past the weekend it opened) to see it and that’s all because of Semi-Pro. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on the next installment of an actor’s efforts after a total disappointment, though past does dictate future…in most cases.

Well I laughed, a lot. I laughed a lot and I meant it. It is crude like the MPAA rating and critics state, but it’s crude in a different manner than other films I’ve seen and allows it to stand out. There are several scenes that just work so well that I just laughed freely. Alice (Kathryn Hahn) had two great scenes that were just so funny. She had a urinal scene and her conversation with Dale in the doorway was unique in a way that puts flirting in a whole new light.

John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell play well off of one another and I bet the outtakes are just as funny as what they used in the film itself. Steenburgen was great to see in a film and her interaction with Jenkins was amusing. Their seriousness gave subtle humor and balance to the outrageous manner that Reilly and Ferrell acted.

The storyline was amusing set up from the beginning to the end. Two men who are around their forties acting like they are teenagers and dressing like they are is an amusing thing. Especially if those old men get beat up on a playground by children. It was a simple concept that amused me well. There are a couple of repeatable lines. One of my favorites being, “Is that a skill?” Not funny by itself but funny within context. Oh and Alice has an entire monolog that is well worth repeating to the right person who would not be offended and it’s all about fitting inside a vagina.

It was great to see Will Ferrell in a movie that was funny because Semi-Pro just did not do it for me and I sort of was pissed. So Step Brothers was a step up in the right direction; I was amused and yes that’s all that matters. I think that if you like Will Ferrell you’ll enjoy this film much better than Semi-Pro and that says enough.

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