Opening This Weekend

Who cares?
Seriously... who the hell cares what film opens this weekend? Everything opening this weekend is crap. Pure, unadulterated, unanimously panned, festering piles of cat crap.

Unless you havent seen Dark Knight or maybe Pineapple Express, there is nothing - I repeat NOTHING worth watching in the movie theaters this weekend.

"If you actually pay money to go see "Disaster Movie" you deserve to have your ass handed to you by a mob of knife-weilding girl scouts." - unknown

Hollywood has completely run out of interesting, entertaining movies. Go out and read a book or something.

Happy Labor Day weekend.

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wow, really? And, Labor Day weekend at that? I was actually considering going to watch babylon AD (is that what its called?) The Vin Diesel movie. Oh, well, will save my dollars instead.

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