Movie Trailers Opening Today

Opening today (although officially listed as opening Friday), the buzz around Paramount's "Tropic Thunder" is reaching a fever pitch. Personally, I think its safe to say that we will all be happy when people just shut up and stop taking themselves so seriously about a stupid, minor point with the movie.

As we ever-so-delicately pointed out yesterday, retards dont like being called retarded. This whole bruhaha stems from a scene in the movie where Robert Downey Jr's character offers some pointers to Ben Stiller's character about playing a developmentally impared by saying "never go full retard."

Now, Christy Lemire's article from the AP talked about Downey Jr's itelligence and acting skill, saying that Downey delivers one of the best lines of the movie. Yet Timothy Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics used CNN as a platform to deride Downey for his work and condemned the producers for being so insensitive to people with developmental disabilities.

All self-important histrionics aside, Rotten Tomatoes currently rates the film at 81% fresh, which means that despite the developmentally disabled's angry drooling about a stupid word of dialog, most people realize that this is actually a pretty good film.

My honest opinion is that this film is going to be popular and that it looks to be a pretty good comedy. Exactly what it will bring in at the box office is just a guess, but I think its safe to say that it should bring in about $20 - 30 million this weekend.

Below is the red-banned trailer for Tropic Thunder, which means it has some naughty words in it, so be warned:

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