Hollywood News: Weekend Box Office Recap

Despite the dwindling numbers at the box office as the Summer season winds down, "Tropic Thunder"kept its top spot for the second weekend. According to studio estimates released Sunday evening, Ben Stiller's comedy took in $16.1 million and only dropped 37% from its opening bow.

There were four films released this weekend that couldn't take the top spot. Which means that the studios have pretty much shot their load for the Summer and are just dumping whatever they've got left, in the hopes of staying profitable.

Sony Picture's "The House Bunny" performed better than the studio expected and averaged over $5,000 per screen to take second place. Paramounts re-tooling of the 1975 auto flick Death Race took third, taking in $12 million, while MGM's "The Longshots" made $4.3 million to come in fourth.

The animated Star Wars film had the biggest drop of the top ten, falling over 60% to fifth place.

Meanwhile, Rainn Wilson's flick "The Rocker" didn't even place in the top ten, finishing in 12th and taking in a piss-poor $2.75 million. Maybe Rainn should take a lesson learned from Will Ferrell that paunchy, pasty, awkward white guys dont always score big numbers with the movie-going crowd.

On the other side, it looks like by this time next week, The Dark Knight will have grossed half a billion dollars in the box office.

Hollywood started the Summer season with a bang and looks like it will be ending with a fizzle. Here are the numbers from the weekend:

1 (1) Tropic Thunder $16,100,000
2 (new) The House Bunny $15,100,000
3 (new) Death Race $12,292,860
4 (2) The Dark Knight $10,305,000
5 (3) Star Wars: The Clone Wars $5,660,000
6 (5) The Pineapple Express $5,600,000
7 (4) Mirrors $4,875,000
8 (new) The Longshots $4,304,000
9 (7) Mamma Mia! $4,303,100
10 (6) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor $4,068,960


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