Criss Angel's "Magic" Revealed

I dont normally like to give credit to anything Fox news does, but in this case I really have to tip my hat to the local Fox affiliate in Florida for their efforts to de-mystify the stunt magician Criss Angel (seen here exchanging potential diseases with Paris Hilton) pulled off this past week.

You may have heard about it. Then again, you might not have: Criss Angel did this stunt where he was handcuffed to a balcony of a building that was set to be imploded. The stunt was performed "live" on A&E. As the stunt goes, the cameras watch closely as Criss picks two of the three cuffs he is wearing, but then has difficulty with the third one. With time running out, he finally gets free, makes a mad dash through the building as seen by the multiple cameras the producers of Angel's show have set up. But then before he can emerge from the building, the demolition charges go off, all the internal cameras drop to static and the building implodes in the usual cloud of dust.

Has our blinged-out, wanna be rockstar magician perished in the explosion? Sorry, America. You're not that lucky.

Miraculously, as the camera crew rushes in to look for Criss, they catch him walking away from the debris, covered in a light coating of dust completly unscathed. However, Fox Tampa Bay has a slightly different story. One that shows at least partially how Angel pulled off the stunt.

If you are one of those people that think that Angel can really walk on water, fly between two buildings or cut himself in half, you probably shouldnt watch the video Fox has.

However, if you like to see a Magician caught with his proverbial pants down, visit the MyFox website for detailed analysis and video showing how he did it.

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