“The Bunny House” Good Bunny Lovin’ Time

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 38 min.
Release Date: August 22nd, 2008
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sex-related humor, partial nudity and brief strong language.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Directed by: Fred Wolf

JJ Rating: A-

Shelly Darlington (Anna Faris) is a Playboy Bunny and she is given a letter requesting her to leave because she’s now too old to stay. She meanders around until she hears females speak about sororities. She ends up becoming a house mother of one of the weakest, dorkiest, lamest, sorority of the whole campus. The Bunny House.

I expected this movie to be silly and fun, but it was riot. Shelly was just a good hearted character that had the swell intentions of others at the center of her being. She wasn’t out to beat someone up or take over someone else; she was just trying to live a good life and a fun life. She wasn’t a smart character but because of her not knowing everything and her sweet innocent responses to attacks against her character, she was witty.

Anna Faris plays the role perfectly and astutely. I thought she would do well, but she totally did better than well. I was very pleased and she looked hot. "American Idol" Katharine McPhee played Harmony one of the girls at the dysfunctional sorority. She was looking hot as well toting around a bun in the oven. Her acting was up to par with the rest of the cast. Dana Goodman played Carrie Mae and has one of the funniest scenes at the bar trying to hit on guys playing pool. Her seductive was pretty secluded. Emma Stone played Natalie and her character was full of bizarre information that really was not at all important to most of the topics at hand. She was believable and she was also hot. Rumer Willis was the brace wearing Joanne and she has these lively eyes that she needed through most of the film because she was restricted in movement by that brace. Kat Dennings played Mona who was a dark, brooding, browbeating girl who couldn’t let the fun be had because of the cynical nature of her. She looked every bit the part and acted it well. Colin Hanks played Oliver the love interest of Faris. There were moments when he was speaking that I just thought, “Man he sounds just like his dad.” He doesn’t have a lot of lines but he does have a lot of facial expressions while talks and his reactions were funny. Tyson Ritter played Colby and I’m not a huge music person but I was like is that the lead singer of American Rejects? And I was right; he is the lead singer of American Rejects. Two artists in one film what fun. He does a good job playing the cool, smooth but dorky love interest of Stone.

The Bunny House is full of funny moments that seem to come one after the other. With the out of touch (but Intouch) Shelly wondering about what’s going on there really wasn’t a single dull moment while a scene had her. I didn’t find a single moment dull and even the heart-touching moments were well done that they didn’t feel cheesy. It’s a movie that was done well and it’s nice to see that I didn’t waste my money. The weak parts of the story were the parts that didn’t have Anna Faris in it. It’s true. She carried the entire film and when she’s not part of it, it sort of drops a bit in humor and fun. It’s pretty cool that she also helped produce this film, so she’s smart and saw what potential the film had. That’s good business sense, I suppose.

Hugh Hefner and his bunnies had some good moments, but over all they were a bit lackluster. Though they were needed for some believability and the use of the name Playboy Bunny, but next time they are in a film they should act more like themselves and less in the look I’m acting category.

The House Bunny is a movie I could see myself getting and seeing again and again and again. If you liked Faris’s other fare then this surely will entertain you. Anna Faris just rocked it out. She is the main character and she steals the entire show and makes the movie what it is: a fun, funny and flirtatious bunny lovin’ good time.

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