The Art of the Edit

A film or video editor is one of those under appreciated jobs in the entertainment business. If you do your job right, no one will think twice about what they are watching. But a skilled editor can take a good project and make it even better.

We've touched on this briefly once before showing how creative editing and a choice of music can dramatically change the mood of a film.

This time we wanted to highlight someone that has really made a career for himself thanks to his creative mind and crazy editing skills.

In 2005, the New York chapter of the Association of Independent Creative Editors held a contest called "Trailer Park" where they asked assistant editors to re-edit a trailer for an existing movie and spin it into a completely different genre. The only requirement was that they couldn't change the visuals, just the sound and dialog.

25 year old Robert Ryang, working as an assistant editor for the post house P.S. 260 submitted his re-cut trailer for the film "The Shining" turning Stanley Kurbick's classic horror movie into a sappy, heartwarming family flick. Ryang won the competition and he gave the link of the trailer to a couple of his friends to show off what he had done.

But then those friends turned around and sent the link to others in the business, who then linked it to even more friends, etc. Almost overnight, Ryang's re-edited Shining trailer turned him into something of an internet superstar. He even was approached by a studio executive looking for new creative talent.

Since then, Ryang has gone on to more commercial work with clients like Spike Lee for the New York Knicks, MTV2 and Axe body spray. It just goes to show you what you can do when you think outside the box and use a little ingenuity and creativity.

Here's Robert Ryang's re-edited trailer, "Shining"


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