Alphabet Alert!! PTC issues APB on F Word

Thanks to the Parents Television Council, we learn that CBS is the anti-christ who wishes to befoul our precious, innocent, defenseless children by spitefully broadcasting the dreaded F-word and shoving our noses in their brazen acts of broadcast terrorism.

Apparently in a recent episode of CBS's "Big Brother" some chick who volunteered to be watched like a lab rat for the amusement of the American TV-watching public, blurted out the villainous verb in a fit of rage, while arguing with some other idiot lab rat.
The PTC explains the incident:

The program aired at 9:00 pm in the Eastern and Pacific time zones and during the 8:00 pm hour in the Central and Mountain time zones. During last night’s broadcast, a woman named Libra was arguing with a man and said: “Memphis was in the f***ing room!”


“There is absolutely no justification for allowing an ‘F-word’ like this to air unedited on prime time broadcast television. There can be no question that this was an intentional act on the part of the network; someone actually had to edit the scene with the word into the show.

Interestingly enough, no news teams are covering this. There is no satellite truck based outside of CBS, no flock of reporters and photojournalists huddled together into a tight group, standing in the pouring rain diligently documenting every detail of the incident.
Were it not for the tireless efforts of the Parents Television Council pushing their moral agenda on the American Public, the entire utterance of the word on an already unwatchable program might have been completely overlooked.
Good thing we have the self-appointed ethics police of the PTC to think for us.

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