Weekend Box Office Recap

"Dark Knight" managed to keep its seat as the number one film in America for the second weekend.

What is interesting is the fact that Knight marks the first time in a long time we've seen a film that is both the top grosser and the the biggest 2nd weekend loser at the same time. Christopher Nolan's latest bat flick dropped a respectable 52% from its record-shattering opening weekend and still managed to pull in over $75 million. That's impressive.

Meanwhile, the new Will Ferrel slapstick flick "Step Brothers" managed to squeeze $30 million bucks from ignorant movie watchers to come in second place in the box office race. Ferrell is on a sinking boat, which also contains Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. The three of them should do a film together just to make it easier for audiences to hate all of them in one convenient place.

The truth is out there and nobody cares.

And the highly anticipated (at least by the studios) release of the next X-Files movie turned out to be barely a blip on the radar this weekend as it bowed in at 4th place, grossing just $10 million. This is less than one-fourth of the audience that went to see the first movie. The consensus is that while the new film has its moments, the target audience that would have rabidly devoured this movie back about 10 years ago, has moved on and out-grown the ongoing adventures of Scully and Mulder. With the disappointing numbers the film pulled in this weekend, it would seem that the studios' idea to resurrect the franchise is stamped case closed.

Here's the weekend take:

1 (1) The Dark Knight Warner Bros. $75,630,000
2 (new) Step Brothers $30,000,000
3 (2) Mamma Mia! $17,865,250
4 (new) The X-Files: I Want to Believe $10,200,000
5 (4) Journey to the Center of the Earth $9,415,000
6 (3) Hancock $8,200,000
7 (6) WALL-E $6,349,000
8 (5) Hellboy 2: The Golden Army $4,934,430
9 (7) Space Chimps $4,375,000
10 (8) Wanted $2,727,470


Matthew S. Urdan said...

So...ummm...about my prediction Mamma Mia! would hold strong and do better than the X-Files?

The Judge said...

Damnit! I was hoping you wouldn't notice that. ;-)

OK, so X-Files tanked and your precious "Mamma Mia" held strong.

How much are they paying you to do their marketing?

Matthew S. Urdan said...

I wish they were paying me to market Mamma Mia! because I'm sure I'm personally responsible for $2 million of last week's take!

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