Twilight: A Primer

Apparently, there is a growing, ravenous hoard of people out there that are really into the book "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. Personally, my interest in vampires ended when Anne Rice gave up being the queen of the undead and went and found God or something.

Nonetheless, there is a huge army mobilizing behind the efforts to turn the books into a film. Little did I realize that one of Media Morgue's less frequent contributors, Nefertari was a passionately dedicated (ok, more like ridiculously fanatical) fan of the story and has offered a primer on what all of this is about, should you happen to be one of the few (like myself) who haven't read the books.

Here's Nefertari's breifing on Twilight:

Hello to all you Twilighters and everyone else! Many of you have a least heard about Twilight, at least in passing, but I thought I’d take this chance to educate you all a bit better than Ms. Gail Collins.

The Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyer, is about a young girl Bella and the boy of her dreams, Edward Cullen. Turns out he’s a vampire, which that alone makes things difficult, but to add insult to injury, Edward has deal with the fact that he wants to drink Bella’s blood. Talk about love conquering all!

No matter how it sounds, or how people try to explain the Twilight phenomenon can’t be described. How can so many women of all ages everywhere, fall in love with this fictional character, Edward? From a girl who is in love herself, my answer is just read the books and find out!

It’s a great time to be a twilighter. Summit Entertainment is promoting the crap out of the Twilight movie (opening 12.12.08 – two weeks after Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince). This week’s Entertainment Weekly magazine features Robert Pattinson (plays Edward Cullen) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) on the cover. Even though there’s been a tremendous amount of backlash – rightly so- I still think it’s going to sell a ton of copies. I myself hate the cover, but will still buy the magazine. Entertainment Weekly probably should have made the make-up artist to do a bit more research before the photo shoot, but it’s over and done with. Robert looks like a zombie and Kristen doesn’t even look like herself.

On the upside, there have been some really great Twilight news pieces out there to enjoy. MTV News, at the end of April this year, announced that they would have “Twilight Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday until the film debuts, MTV will have behind the scenes videos, interviews, first looks, etc…

The movie Penelope went on sale yesterday and in the special features of the DVD was an exclusive sneak peak at Twilight.

Entertainment Tonight also had a segment on the movie Twilight. They showed some more great behind the scenes footage AND an exclusive look at the new trailer. The more I see, the better this movie looks!

And last but not least, on August 2nd, the final installment of the Twilight Saga will be released. Breaking Dawn, the fourth book, hopefully will answer the question that every twilighter has been asking: “Will Edward make Bella a vampire?” I won’t say any more than that for those of you who haven’t read the book. Until next time, I’ll leave you with a few exiting tidbits.

  • Robert Pattinson, who is a musician, wrote a version of “Bella’s lullaby,” for the movie. We’re still not sure if it’s the one that they’ll use, but I’m sure if they don’t we’ll get to hear it on the DVD features.
  • After seeing the new trailer, we can pretty much confirm that there will be the Port Angeles scene. Before, no one from the crew/production team wanted to confirm it or not. Seeing Bella and Edward in the Volvo together and almost toughing hands is our clue that it’s included. Yea!

By: Nefertari

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