"Tron 2" Teaser Trailer and Comicon Craziness

As the developmentally adolescent orgy known as Comi-con mercifully draws to a close - and all the guys that dressed up as their favorite fantasy bad-ass, or girls that had an excuse to dress as their favorite fantasy sluts, put their spandex and size XXL costumes back in the closet for another year, I started sifting through my news reader, sorting through countless fanboy gushings of just how great it was. Seriously, Entertainment Weekly must have posted 30 articles this weekend just about Comi-con.

Comi-con has become the prime landscape from which the studios unveil their latest geek-pandering-productions, hoping to whip the fanatics into a frenzy and spark their consumerist salivation glands like a hundred million dollar Pavlov's bell.

Here is a perfect example: The producers of the next big sequel, "Tron 2" gave the assembled smelly masses a taste of the new film. Bootleged to the net probably as fast as it was screening, a copy of the teaser trailer is below. Keep in mind that this is the lowest quality bootleg one would expect: Its a camera (sort of) pointing at the screen as the trailer runs, allowing those not in attendance to witness the off-angle cheers by the audience as a character jumps into mid-air and morphs into the famous light cycle program from the first film. Listen as everyone wets themselves when Jeff Bridges shows up. Ooooh! Jeff Bridges is in it! Wowwie!

Wikipedia has the details of the trailer - as I dont know how long this clip will be online before someone pulls the plug:

The footage was an updated version of the famous Light Cycle chase from the original film. It pitted a blue program against a yellow one where the two raced (where the rider is now exposed) through a futuristic landscape. When the yellow rider causes the blue rider to crash, the preview cuts to an older and bearded Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who is meditating in a white room. He walks to a window overlooking the game area where the defeated blue program is begging for mercy by saying "Hey, it's only a game!" The yellow rider then reveals his face, showing the younger Jeff Bridges as the program Clu from the original Tron, and responds "Not anymore."[10] Clu defeats the other program using the familiar disc from the first movie and the title "TR2N" is revealed.

Here's the clip while it lasts:

Keep in mind that this CGI-laden "Tron 2" is not set to be released for another three years, so fanboys are going to have a long time to write countless forum posts, further hyping this flick.

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