Sequel News: More Sex and the City and another School of Rock

According to Nicole Sperling at Entertainment Weekly, based on the success of their first filmed attempt, (its cleared $362 million world wide) the boys from HBO are fast-tracking a sequel to "Sex and the City."

At HBO's annual press tour on Friday, Michael Lombardo, president of HBO's programming said, "We're really heartened by the fans' enthusiasm. Absolutely, there is a lot of energy behind doing another SATC movie."

Naturally, Lombardo wouldn't discuss any more of the details about the film, but expect that the four founding members of the New York chapter of the estrogen mafia will be in full force once again to show the world that women are strong and sexy and independent and New York is fabulous or something.

Meanwhile, hot on the Manolo-sheathed heels of this news, comes information from Variety that Paramount is in the works to make a sequel to School of Rock, reuniting Jack Black with director Richard Linklater and producer Scott Rudin.

OK, the first one was cute, in a "oh look, Jack Black is strutting around like Angus Young" sort of way. But now the story seems to be that Black's Dewy Finn will be taking the class on a road trip across the US for some reason. I think I can speak for most audience
members when I say that I was pretty much done with this film once I saw it. Is there enough to keep people interested the second time around?

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