Rumor Mill: Depp to play Riddler?

The rumors are flying faster than I can even type:

Johnny Depp is being tipped to play The Riddler in the sequel to The Dark Knight.

So says the UK's telegraph:

"Producers are convinced that the role of The Riddler is perfect for Depp. Johnny's a pro. He'll be able to take direction and still make the character his own. And what better Penguin is there than Philip Seymour Hoffman?" a source said.

Making it even more unbelievable is the Telegraph article also mentioning that Angelina Jolie is interested in the role of Catwoman.

As of posting this article, there are over 20 different sites all saying the same thing. And as I was typing that last sentence, another rumor has cropped up that suggests that Phillip Seymour Hoffman is being "pursued" to play the Penguin.

Please. Come on, people!

However, John at the Movie Blog cuts through the hype like a weed whacker in a field full of caterpillars. Who is the source for all these rumors?

The answer is: the National Enquirer. So yeah, you know you can trust that as credible.

Hoping to encourage lemming consumers waiting in line to pay for their zero trans-fat foods and quilted toilet paper, the Enquirer is floating rumors that they hope will encourage people to pick up the tabloid rag and toss it on the conveyor belt.

But it ain't gonna happen, kids.

The problem is that the Enquirer - in true tabloid fashion - doesn't quote their source. That should be the first red flag for a story like this.

Also, you have to realize that before someone can be cast for the part, the part has to be written. So far, there is no writer attached to the sequel to the Dark Knight, presumably titled "The Dark Knight Returns"

Also, no director has been tapped yet. While Christopher Nolan may have done a good job with the last film, no contracts have been signed, no talks have been made, and its fair to guess that Nolan is probably doing nothing but taking some well-deserved rest after producing what will easily be the biggest grossing film this year, if not one of the biggest grossing films in history.

So while the idea of Depp playing the Riddler or Angelina playing Catwoman does bring up a lot of speculation, nothing....absolutely nothing has actually been discussed.

Consider the source, folks. Then toss the tabloid back into the rack buy a tin of Altoids instead. Its going to be a long time before any real news appears about the next Batman sequel. But rest assured that if some news breaks, we'll report it here.

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1 comment:

Tom Sawyer said...

I'm sure Depp will do great as the Riddler because he can flat out act. However, I bet you anything Jolie will have to have butt inserts because she is a human stick figure. If it wasn't for her super-natural sex appeal we wouldn't even care about her.

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