On TV: Ax Men on the History Channel

The success of Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" has spawned a whole slew of "real" reality shows, presenting people doing some of the most ridiculously dangerous jobs the majority of viewers would never in a million years do themselves.

And here is one more.

The History Channel is launching a new series that follows lumberjacks. OK, they call them "loggers" but it's the same thing.

Here's a blatant ad for the show, brought to you by the promotions department at the History Channel:

The video takes the first 25 seconds to make fun of people in a cube farm complaining about their day. Gee, lets pick on the little guy once again.

I like the shot of the guy with four of his fingers missing that says, "To me, this is just a paper cut."

No, pal, thats an early retirement.

I wonder how a show like this will present environmentalists. Will they paint them as radical tree-hugging hippies, or hide from the issue altogether to instead focus on how tough it is to cut down trees all day? I'm not doubting that logging is a tough as hell job, but is there enough interest in this to keep viewers watching?

You can find out more about the series over on the History Channel website.

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