"Legen-f'ing-dary" Actor Carradine Drops the Bomb Live on Air

Apparently this is big news in Chicago:

According to the Chicago Tribune, Actor David Carradine dropped the dreaded "F-bomb" on a WGN morning show today:

Carradine, who had been introduced by co-anchor Robin Baumgarten as "legendary," repeated the adjective, inserting an F-bomb in between "legen" and "dary."

Co-anchor Larry Potash immediately scolded Carradine and apologized to viewers on his behalf. Carradine's appearance continued a few more minutes, ending before 8 a.m.

Wow. An actor on a live TV show said a naughty word. Is this really what "news" has been reduced to? Never mind all the other things being done behind our backs, with the Bush administration killing the 4th ammendment, the decimation of habeus corpus, and the neo-McCarthyism that exudes in this current political climate (you may be a terrorist and not even know it. Better check yourself in just in case) - Despite a plummeting stock market, a nosediving dollar and ever increasing costs for oil while oil companies post record profits - despite the continous violation of rights and the presidential-signed abolishment of tenets that were established 500 years before the United States was even conceived, despite all the atrocities that take place in our own country, not to mention BY our country around the world...

and THIS is what the Chicago Tribune thinks is newsworthy.

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