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Yeah, I gave up on the whole "What to watch" series... too depressing. However, for your summer entertainment, allow me to offer you a list of '80s movies replete with future stars. It's an amusing game look at an old movie, often at the minor roles, and see how their fortunes evolved over time.

When doing the casting for the Fox series "24", producers obviously had to go no further than the 1989 Comedy hit, Major League. A keen observer might have noticed that the surly, Cuban, "Jobu" worshiping, curveball missing heavy hitter was non other than future President of the United States and insurance spokesman Dennis Haysbert. Dennis will live in my heart as part of what I believe to be the funniest exchange of religious ideology ever to grace the silver screen:

Pedro (Haysbert): I like your Jesus very much, but he no help me hit curveball.

Freddie: Are you telling me that Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?!

Moving on to another '80s classic, 1984's Revenge of the Nerds, we see a cast repleate with surprises that mark today's TV landscape. Starting with the obvious, Anthony Edwards (ER, some wierd alien movie)and David Carridine (34 "Nerds") Sequels, we see many other hidden stars on the Screen for this film.
Remember the dorky violin player with the wierd haircut who barely spoke? Well, Poindexter got over his elocution problems and became a hotshot reporter, Danny, on the series The West Wing, and was featured in the cast of Aaron Sorkin's aborted follow-up, Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip. The actor? Timothy Busfield.

And who could forget the Jocks' abusive coach bellowing:

"you just got your asses whipped (pronounce the "h") by a bunch of g*ddamn nerd. NERDS!!!"

Later in life, that coach would settle down into domestic bliss with Rosanne Barr/Arnold/Crazy Lesbian. The Actor's name? John Goodman.

And speaking of "24", before playing Jack Bauer's crazy/mean dad in that show, James Cromwell Played Lewis' dad ("I've got the 'ol cruise control set at 35mph")in Nerds.

Some other examples: Pretty in Pink featured (in addition to the Molly Ringwald), James Spader (Boston legal),and Andrew "Dice" Clay as the bouncer.

Lucas: In addition to Winona (Sticky-fingers) Ryder, and Cory Haim, this film featured a young Jeremey Piven (Entourage)as "Spike".

Before he was "McDreamy" geeky Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy) courted a hot blonde (Amanda Peterson) in 1987's Can't Buy Me Love. Also featured in the film was Seth Green (Austin Powers II, III and a bunch of other stuff)as Chuckie.

Oh, I could go on and on...but why deprive you the opportunity to mine these classic movies yourself, and come up with discoveries of your own.

Share them in the comments here!

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