Ebert and Roeper Are No Longer At The Movies

The long running movie review show, "At the movies with Ebert and Roeper" will no longer star neither Ebert nor Roeper.

The stars of the show, 48 year old Richard Roeper and 66 year old Roger Ebert, both film columnists with the Chicago Sun Times gave notice that they would be leaving the show.

In a statement, Roger Ebert, who had been sidelined with throat cancer since 2006 broke the news this morning:

"After 33 years on the air, 23 of them with Disney, the studio has decided to take the program named 'Siskel & Ebert' and then 'Ebert & Roeper' in a new direction. I will no longer be associated with it"
Ebert's announcement comes just one day after Roeper announced that he would not be returning to the show and said he would be looking to co-host another show that "honors the standards established by Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert more than 30 years ago."

It seems like a lot was going on behind the scenes to cause the two stars of the show to walk away from it like this. The fact that they are both rather reluctant to say exactly why they left leads me to believe that the production company, Disney-ABC Domestic Television may have wanted to take this new direction with the two stars and they balked at the idea.

If any new information develops about this, we'll post it here. As always, stay tuned


Jennifer said...

It's sad. Even though I haven't watched in a few years, this is something where you can say "it's the end of an era". I think the new direction they want to go in is young, like everything else. I remember the old days of Siskel & Ebert, especially their best of the year and Academy Award specials. There isn't anything like it anymore.

trench said...

wow, I've been following them for years. Siskel and Ebert were the best!

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