E3 Update: Day One

My "E3 insider" (which is code word for a friend of mine that wanted to write about E3 when I was unmotivated to do it) had some interesting things to say about day one of the Electronic Entertainment Expo - better known as E3.

Here's his report from his website:

Microsoft went first and dropped some bombshells. Well I'm exited, and it mostly that they cut a deal with Netflix. Basically, in the fall update, XB 360's everywhere will become Netflix box at no extra charge. There were many other things like the addition of avatars, which some have started calling Mii-60's, and a overhaul of the dash that looks a little less useful. But I live with it, because it adds a party up function that lets people stay in a group, jump into games, look at photo's, and watch netflix together. The other thing that has fanboy bums a twitter is the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII, a Sony staple, on the 360. It's interesting, but not my bag, but good for them.

Sadly, Nentendo didn't have much to say in their press romp. An add on to make the Wiimote more accurate and some new games mixed into much patting on the back for the Wii.

Sony didn't have much to say either, but they did announce a 254 player squad based shooter coming up that sounds pretty awesome. But that's about it.

Turning an XBox 360 into a Netflix box is a nice addition, and that extra income Netflix will get from this will help them in the long run. However, the one thing that bothers me about all this new technology is the idea of nickle and diming someone for extra stuff. Sure the netflix add on is free, but ordering the movies certainly is not. Soon your basic low-cost gaming system ends up costing you a ton from month to month.

We'll try to coax our insider for more updates this week. Stay tuned.


trench said...

Man, I wish I could attend this one!

The Judge said...

Its an interesting spectacle. Its the typical trade fair style booth setup, but these are Sony, Electronic Arts, Disney, Bungie, Microsoft, etc.

A friends band played for the unveiling of "Tabula Rasa," complete with Burning Man fire spinners.

The army had a Ranger team drop from a hovering Blackhawk out front of the building and they showed off their latest next generation body armor and Humvee.

Its a big freaking Disneyland of videogames.

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