Burger King Recycles Advertising

Leave it to Burger King to create controversy. First they put vegetable porn on their tray liners in the Netherlands, and now this.
Sarah over at Den of Geek turned me on to this fact: Burger King recycles their commercials. At least it appears that they do in the UK.

Witness these two commercials that advertise Burger Kings "Dark Whopper" which is their standard artery-clogging nightmare accessorised with black pepper cheese, some gooey sauce and black-pepper ketchup. Black pepper ketchup? Why not just sprinkle black pepper on a regular whopper? Well because this way, some fool in the advertising wing of Burger King can keep his job for another couple of months:

Here's the Dark Whopper "inspired by the Dark Knight"

And one year earlier, here is BK's Dark Whopper "inspired by Spider Man 3":

Amusing. Creatively devoid, and utterly lame, but amusing.

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