Are the Muppets Making a Comeback?

Over the past several weeks, a series of new Muppet videos have popped up on YouTube. Most people were a bit confused by the new videos. Were these truly new videos with the Muppets, or was this a work of a highly-dedicated group of fans?

However, a quick scan around the internets revealed that yes, these are the real Muppets and a new movie is being worked on by "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" creators Jason Segel and Nick Stoller. Apparently Segel - who is a big fan of the Muppets - pitched the idea of a new Muppet movie to Disney execs, after he was inspired doing a scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall involving puppets made by the Jim Henson company. Disney decided that since Segel is one of the new golden boys of Hollywood, that he could do no wrong and gave him the green light.

Devin from CHUD posted info back in March on what Segel and Stoller are up to and what the new Muppet film will be about:

Apparently their Muppet film is going to be incredibly old fashioned, with the familiar Muppet characters putting on a show to save an old theater (the theater from The Muppet Show?). The danger? An evil character wants to tear the place down to get at the oil underneath. It's sort of current!
So there you have it. The Muppets are back. And to hype things, they've been releasing these viral videos to YouTube. The one below, featuring the Sweedish Chef, Beeker, Animal and the two hecklers Waldorf and Statler, is particularly good. Especially if you want to annoy your co-workers by turning up the volume on your computer:

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

I think that the muppets are following ABBA's ABBA, the muppets never really went away.

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