Why is SAG Striking?

Editor's Note: Media Morgue is happy to introduce a new journalist to our midst. Brad Sherrod will be writing for us on a weekly basis. Here is his first article, discussing the reasons and result of the upcoming Screen Actors Guild strike, which could happen as early as June 30th:

SAG to Film and Television viewers: “Because Fuck You, that’s Why!”

As the drudgery of summer reruns and reality-show filler rolls from the clearly infected bowels of Hollywood, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) has decided to celebrate the end of the writer’s strike earlier this year by throwing a strike of their own.

That’s right, after truncating our favorite TV series by several episodes and forcing regular folks like you and me to pursue other hobbies, such as spending our time with family, exercising, and even (gasp) reading, the cretins and pond scum in Hollywood are at it again.

The issues here are the same as they were for the Writers Guild: royalties and payment for internet broadcasts. It seems that $400,000 an EPISODE to voice an annoying kid and his dysfunctional family just isn’t enough any more.

The worst part of a potential walk-out by actors is that, unlike the writer’s strike, there is no stockpile to resort to. If the actors walk…everything stops. Well, not everything. Luckily we’ll still have:
  • Talk Shows (but with no celebrity guests)
  • Reality TV (but not the ones featuring SAG members…sorry Denise Richards fans…I’m sure both of you will be suffering.)
  • “News” Programming (apparently, you don’t get a SAG card for acting like a responsible journalist)
So, ready your suicide implements and start drinking heavily. Some programs are filming fall series episodes now in preparation of a walk out. (or in the case of House, M.D. a limp-out) However; most won’t even get rolling until fall, by which time the hired proxies of the stars will be marching in picket lines.

I can muster very little sympathy for people who make the ridiculous amounts that these folks do (and I mean the studios, too) for what is largely a sub-par line-up of television and movies. (Name four good sitcoms that have come out in the past five years…can’t do it, can you?…and if you say “Two and A Half Men”, you lose a testicle [ladies will have one deducted from their current or future mates.])

Movie ticket prices continue to rise. In some markets, moviegoers are paying close to TEN DOLLARS A TICKET to see such gems as 27 Dresses and pay another ten bucks for popcorn, which costs about thirteen cents a silo to produce.

Surely, George Lucas and some of these other douche-bag producers can take a crowbar to their wallets and pry out enough cash to keep the SAG douche-bags (and douche-bagesses…I am not sexist) showing up to their jobs for 30 weeks a year.

Personally, during dead television time (strikes, hiatuses, etc) I like to use Netflix or Blockbuster to watch TV series I never got around to the first time. There is enough archived material here to allow me to avoid talking to my spouse and kids for months.

All I’m saying is that I am against rich fuckers quibbling over amounts I could never dream of making in a lifetime. So fuck SAG, fuck the Producers, and fuck the Studios…I’m going home to watch Season Four of Buffy!


Mr.galle said...

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The Judge said...

Im glad you like the brog.

Your brog looks like a splog. Best of luck trying to link to every entertainment and celebrity website on the internet. I'm sure that will do wonders for your page rank.

tazdog said...

That's great.
Let's piss off more of the TV viewers. We were pretty mad watching CRAP tv for the most part of 2008 and when the shows actually came back on they only lasted like 2 or 3 episodes and then they crashed back to 2007 re-runs...

Toni said...

Great post! I don't think I could have said it better. You know I am surprised that Hollywood actors and actresses who are sooo concerned for the little people would be willing to put other people (support workers) out of work.

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