Stuntman Killed on John Woo Set

Associated Press is reporting that a 23 year old stuntman was killed and six others were injured in a fire on the set of John Woo's current film, "Red Cliff."

The accident occurred Monday morning while filming an action sequence in Beijing, the crew said in a statement.

A small boat was set ablaze and collided with a larger boat as the filmmakers had intended, but the fire quickly raged out of control and engulfed both ships.

Woo was promoting his film in Hong Kong at the time of the accident.

"Red Cliff" is an epic two-part film based on the battle of Red Cliff, which was an decisive battle in China's feudal-era history. Woo's film is partly backed by the state-run Chinese Film Group which consideres it an important showcase of China's history. The first film, which has been plagued with casting changes and location difficulties, is scheduled to premiere in China before the Beijing olympics.

This is the first Chinese language film Woo has shot since making a name for himself in Hollywood, shooting such films as "Mission Impossible 2" and "Face off" He's known for his overly-dramatic and over-the-top slow-motion action sequences.

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